Hi all, First time in career dealing with recruiters and had a question. The few I met with have stated that if I see a job on a board of some sort to let them know and they will call them for me. Has anyone found this to be an effective approach or is this simply a way for them to get potential comission? I have been getting pretty good success thus far applying straight from company’s websites. Just wanted to get a feel of past experiences. Thanks.

Always remember the recuiter is trying to make money, but you are looking for a job. So you need to take care of you first. I let recruiters know that I am still looking on my own, and I let them know who I have interviewed with already on my own merit. I have been successful in finding two jobs on my own by submitting my resume to a company website. Now the recruiter may know somebody on the inside, but they want you to go through them to get their fee (and maybe try to place whoever else they think the manager may like). It sounds like they want you to give them some leads in exchange for them helping you make contact with the hiring manager directly (if possible). I personally don’t do that, but it depends on the relationship you have with the recruiter in order to trust that. That is my two cents.

I can’t imagine how going through the recruiter would be of any help

My general experience is that recruiters would be useless to someone with limited experience. They are going to plug you into a back or middle office role at best. It changes when you have 5+ years of good exp. and they are recruiting for specific roles. kkent I’d stick to applying directly to the companies you want to work for and submitting resumes through contacts there or HR (if you must). DirtyZ