Recruitment Agencies NYC

Hey Guys/Galls, I have spent the past three months in Canada attempting to get employment in “some” area of finance. I have interviewed at most major BB banks in Canada and managed to bag a couple of flights and a few nights stays at semi descent hotels. During the process I got a final round interview for Sales and Trading through a major CAD bank, but lost it due to the fact that the bank decided to hire deflated numbers due to the credit issue. I want to get down into the states preferably NYC, anyone know of any descent recruitment firms??? Preferably in Sales and Trading, I would love to get on as a Traders Assistant and get some experience. I have no finance related work experience however I did pass the level 1 CFA and I have dual degrees in Finance and Economics with top grades from a descent school. Any suggestions would be great, if I am out of luck please just say so. (I’m really not the IBanking obsessed… watched Wall Street one to many times punk so you wont hurt my feelings)

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