Recruitment consultants

Is anybody working with a recruitment consultant for their job search? How do you capture their attention amidst the pile of resumes & cover letters they receive everyday? I have not had any positive experiences with them. Someone pls advise, thanks.

Never heard of those before. 'Sup cfaprincess?

You could try the following: - Find a job posting that is in the ballpark of jobs you are interested in. - Phone the recruitment company that placed the ad. - Ask to speak with the consultant dealing with that account. - Ask to come in and talk through your resume with that person. See if you can’t get a recommendation for a good financial recruitment firm in your region from someone you know. That would help narrow your search. If you meet a good consultant and they think you’ve a solid resume, then they will keep you in mind for suitable positions as they come up. They may even put calls in to companies they work with asking if they have any openings for someone with X years experience, CFA level 3 candidate or whatever your particulars might be.

thanks folks. i just tried the “free cv/resume consulting” service by doostang. true enough the turnaround time was really quick (<5 hours) but i thought the comments were too general. can anyone recommend any website/services that offer good cv/resume vetting services?

this guy on ebay sells good resume services. i’ve bought from him and he does a good job.

Echo Carson’s advice. Get to know the recruiters who operate specifically in your industry and even specialty, and have a compelling story to tell.