Red Pens

Can we bring any color pens into the exam?

Writing your answers in red pen is totally nuts. Exams are graded in red pen and are graded by rewarding pts (e.g.,+3, +2, not -1, -2). If you want to camoflouge the pts you have earned, then write in red pen. Graders do several hundred essays per day and score them accordingly fast.

I have a pen with so many pretty colors - purple, green, aqua blue, and orange. I will totally use that on the exam.

Constructed-response essay answers for Level III (AM session) All essay answers must be recorded in English. Your book will contain essay questions followed by answer pages for each question. Use the following instructions when writing your answers (full instructions will be listed on the back of your exam book): Use blue or black ink on the designated pages Label each part of your answer clearly (A, B, C, D or i, ii, iii, etc.) Only answers written on the correct answer pages will be graded. Answers marked on question pages will not be graded. You may make marks and notes on the question pages If you use all of the designated pages, extra answer pages are provided at the back of the book. To use the extra answer pages: Place a checkmark in the box at the bottom of the last page designated for that answer Label extra pages with the appropriate question number Writing Instruments Candidates must bring their own writing instruments on exam day; testing personnel will not provide writing instruments to candidates. Candidates must dispose of any packaging before entering the testing room. Level I and II candidates must bring number two, or HB, pencils. Level III candidates must bring number two, or HB, pencils and pens (with blue or black ink) for the essay portion of the examination.

should we write in times new roman or in arial?

damn I was hoping that I could use some turkish on essay questions where my english gets stuck. they keep emphasizing global stuff and saying how cfa has no bias towards US markets or candidates, now i want global graders.

pencil for essay type not allowed?

CFAI does have global graders andmakes a special point of it. Graders are selected without regard to where they live even though CFAI pays travel expenses. There are graders there from all over the world. It’s pretty cool actually.

pimp Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I have a pen with so many pretty colors - purple, > green, aqua blue, and orange. I will totally use > that on the exam. That could significantly negatively impact your chances of passing.

seriously now wondering. how many graders grade your paper? I hope not only one. whatif a depressive-psycotic a-hole grader grades ur paper? Do they take average of grades if more than 1 grader?

Is -ve marking on the exam? Don think so but would like to make sure:) Joey since you have graded some exams, could you confirm if there is -ve marking? Thanks.