Red Wings win the Cup!!!!!!!!!


on any other night (or after june 7), i would have been glued to the tv. the cfa exams have ruined my life!!!

Having the Flyers loose might just be my saving grace on saturday.

!!! If only it was at home…but a cup win is a win! Is that the 3rd or 4 cups that has been on the road (philly and carolina sweeps)?

booo. i was going for the pengs tomorrow it’s the start of the NBA finals. man this sucks. i’ll probably catch the 2nd half

I can’t remember vs. Washington…yeah man it would’ve been so much better @ home but I’ll take it!!! Now I have to salvage the last night of playoff-less studying tomorrow. If I fail I blame it on the Wings and Pistons.

Congrats. Another good game.