Reddit - saw a chick I grinded on in instahotties

shes showing her assets off with her friend. Lol. It’s nsfw like full on nipples. So I won’t post it, but’s it’s pretty awesome.

come on, just post the link already.

How will we know if she seems nice??? :frowning_face:

shes not super nice. shes a bit thick. not my cup of tea.

You should be more selective about which chicks you offer to grind with. I know you were being a gentleman, but this stuff has value too.

shes hot in terms of today’s pop culture. thick is in! but im not a trendy guy. i believe in absolute beauty even though its a provocative statement to make. im a big believer in victoria secret models.

^He’s all about that bass. No treble.

my gf is 5’6 and 110 lbs. I tell her not wear her high heels!!! No six pack no marriage!!!

I have a friend that’s into thick asians. Help my friend out and post it (you gave the NSFW warning label).

haha. shes a latina. thick. id say 145 5’4? massive ass and tiities.

He likes that too. send along

Nery appreciated people of all sorts. This shows he is a real gentleman.

not a racist. but just not attracted to black girls.