Redo L1 before starting L2 prep again?

Hi guys,

Just to give you all a brief background - I wasn’t acct/business/finance major and don’t have any work experience in the field either. I passed L1 last June and failed L2 band 7 this year.

For L1, I completely skipped over derivatives, atl inv, and PM.

For L2, I got >70 on ethics, equity; <50 on quant, econ, corp fin, & alt inv; 51-70 on FRA, derivatives, FI, & PM.

Do you think, with so much time for next year’s L2, should I review everything for L1 from schweser, and then start reading L2 curriculum this year?

Or should I just start reading L2 curriculum now and hope that the L2 curriculum will cover the basics that I skipped over for L1?

You have given L2, so you already know your weak areas. Best would be to read CFAI texts in your weak areas and if you find you need more information read CFA L1 in those topics.

Use CFA Institute Level 2 books only. They always give good introduction before moving on into specific topics.

Thank you all!

I will start reading L2 curriculum books and if I need more info, I will refer to L1 curriculum.