Redo Mocks or CFA EOC?


I finished 3 schweser mocks, 2 CFA PM mock exams, and 3 AM mock exams. My scores have been between 65%-74%. After each exam, I reviewed what was wrong and moved on. I am at a point now where I can either do these exams again to see if I made any progress or I can focus on doing the CFA EOC questions.

Anyone have some friendly advice? I am leaning towards redoing all the mock exams as most of my mistakes could have been avoided and I want to see if I actually learned from my mistakes. Maybe I will just do the multiple choice EOC questions and go over the mocks again? Not sure what the best use of my time is here. My hope is that the “review” for the mock exams will minimal as I was able to correct where I made mistakes.

EOCs. that’s a more comprehensive test of your knowledge. If you write the mocks again you just waste time and you’re testing your memorization of answers.

What about the other 3 mocks (exam books 2)