redoing mock exams

If anybody has re-done one of their mock exams did you find it too easy or was it still beneficial? I had planned on doing Schweser vol #2 in the next couple of days, but I have read that it is not that beneficial to do. So, I am wondering if it is better to redo one of the earlier mocks (the first of which I did about a month ago) or go on with vol #2?

Not worth it imo. You’ve seen the questions, answers, and process. Go on to Vol. 2

L2 guy here. THIS IS HOW YOU WILL clear L1. Doing more questions that you don’t understand is POINTLESS. DO ALL THE CFAI MOCKS AND THEN REVISE EVERY SINGLE QUESTION (if correct, understand why and if incorrect, figure out where you went wrong. If you know them inside and out and you’re golden…