Reference to CFA candidacy on resume

I think this is fair and not in violation of the Standards. Any thoughts? (of course, assuming one has completed registration for the June 08 exam). “2008 Level II CFA candidate (Level I passed in Dec 2007)”

If I were you, I would run it by the CFAI. What if you missed a colon in there? Oh, by the way, I am hearing CFAI will soon pass a change to the rules governing the usage of the CFA verb/noun/adverb - everytime you hear it mentioned alound or mention it aloud yourself, you must stand up to attention and remain motionless for 3 seconds with a facial expression conveying enthusiasm and trustworthiness. This does not apply if the mention came from mass media such as a TV set or other means of mass communication.

  • whenever you mention “CFA” in a job interview - or any other conversation - the whole world will stop for 2 seconds, a halo will magically appear around your head, and a special CFA musical jingle (written by virginCFAhooker) will descend from the heavens - just like with “Intel”…

According to page 137 of the Practice Standards (which I looked at for the first time just now, don’t ask me how I passed L1), it is proper reference to the CFA designation to say - I passed Level I of the CFA examination. - I am a 2008 Level III CFA candidate. So your note on the resume looks fine to me. The main thing is you’re not claiming a partial designation, and have enrolled for the specified exam. You’re also not supposed to claim superior ability, so better stop that halo from descending, haha.

…and they are debating a secret hand gesture to go along with that. They just can’t agree on precise movement due to their complicated nature.

It looks perfect to me. In line with what I have read in the Standards of Practice Handbook

How’s this? Not on my resume - its on a follow-up letter. I have an MBA from xxx University with a dual concentration in Finance and Accounting, and am currently a CFA Level II candidate.

I would put ‘exam’ behind CFA so it becomes “2008 Level II CFA exam candidate (Level I exam passed in Dec 2007)”. The reason being that you are a candidate for the exam and there’s no levels for the actual CFA charter. Just my $0.02

I would put CFA Level II in bold font size 48 accross the top and bottom of your resume. Then carefully explain to the interviewer that having a CFA makes you able to generate higher profits than someone without the CFA due to the nature of the exam. Go on to further elaborate that the Level II portion makes you twice as efficient and a better person than a regular old CFA charterholder. That should clarify things quite nicely. Of course try to stay away from any windows as CFAI snipers may try to eliminate those that fail to bow to the power.

Can I say “Level 2” instead of “Level II”?

I don’t see a need to specify when you passed Level I.

Why not? It’s something - it shows you’re heading in the right direction.

Sorry i just noticed you wrote WHEN. In that case I agree…

Anyone remember Lion2004 post: “I’ll be 25 (26 next year)”