just finish level 3, want to apply for membership, but need to find 3 references, and need some experience: any requirement for references? must be my supervisor? what do they have to do for reference?

will be appreciate for reply!!!

They state on their page that supervisor is preferred, but any 3 that can vouch for you should be okay, if they worked with you at the job that’s relevant for your work experience part. As an example, my work experience is at my previous place, and was able to get them from 3 former colleagues. Hopefully it will get approved. I can’t ask my former supervisor because he can’t be trusted to provide a fair and honest reference.

The requirement is that they have to be able to discuss your work and your character. I, for example, would be a lousy reference as I don’t know you, don’t know anything about your work, and don’t know anything about your character.

Your supervisor and your coworkers, on the other hand, likely know about both.