hello there,

i have just completed the exams. it has taken me 5 years to get over L3 so i am quite happy to be done with it. after clearing the exams i sent a remote sponsorship request to CFA France, but havent heard from them. i live in switzerland but dont quite know any charterholder as i dont work in the core industryand work in a small institution and manage their portfolio in addition to some other work i do there. can anyone please tell me how this remote sponsorship works as the french society hasnt even acknowledged my mails to them(already sent them 3)…on the institute website, it states that CFA France society provides remote sponsors…so am a bit confused…

do i wait for them to respond or write to some other society which can provide remote sponsorship? do i send all my documents with my introductory mail or shouldi wait for them to acknowledge that they would be willing to help…i am just confused on this issue…

thanks for providing any guidance

Listen, you do not need to strike your head against the brick wall. What you need is just to find at least three people - preferably your former clients you dealt with during the qualifying work experience period (s) - working now in reputable organizations. Then, you should contact them explaining your need - they then provide you with full names, phone numbers and real email and post addresses. Then, you need to put the data into your refs and press the button “Send Email”. They immediately receive CFAI emails asking for references to be completed online. That’s it. And you wait for the approvals. Do not pull over yourself at the CFA France! You can choose ANY Cfa local society in the world - if you live in Swiss - put them into your local choice.

Good luck!

Hi bender!

Thanks for the advice. may be i wasnt very clear in my first post. may be you or someone else on AF could also further guide me how to get out of the tricky situation!

i currently manage an endowment fund(and have worked on currency management and pension funds) wherein i have primarily dealt with bankers/traders on the other side and my supervisor is not a CFA charterholder either. i have worked almost all my life in NGOs and so really dont know anyone who might be a CFA charterholder… this is why i wrote to CFA france (As they were sponsor providers as listed may be for people like me who are not in traditional profiles)…

i have read extensively and researched through AF for the last 3 months and have written a very detailed Work experience in line with what everyone has discussed in the past. but i just cant get hold of any one to review and sponsor my case.

i havent given up… i have written to the swiss society too…lets see if my efforts get them to take notice

i thank you and all!

You do not need references from charterholders.

If, however you can obtain references from charterholders, then you just need two.

Otherwise (your case and mine) you need three.


Thanks a lot. that is an important advice. so basically if i get three of my supervisors(current and earlier) irrespective of them being charterholders then my case can be looked into.

which part of switzerland are you located?

Thats right. Thats what I did without any problems. My work experience was approved by the CFAI and now my appliation is under review from the Swiss CFA society. I am in Zurich.

thanks a lot. this should save some time then. again thanks