Referencing "Awaiting Results" in Job Applications/Interviews

Hey, anyone else in the same boat? I am applying for jobs right now, and just took the CFA level 1 test. I was prepared and, while I don’t want to be too cocky, am feeling fairly sure I passed (knocks on wood). When I mention that I recently took the test, people have invariably been asking, “how’d it go?” How have people responded to this, when facing a potential employer?

Id definitely like to do the same, except I’m worried that i might jinx it or something. But I know many people who are doing it, or just writing "Candidate, CFA Level I’ or something like that

As per the standards, all you can say is Level I Candidate, or something like, “sat for the Dec level I exam”. Interviewing, you want to be hopeful, but not cocky. Cockiness is not an attractive trait to a potential employer. Of course you don’t want to say “I might have gotten crushed” even if it is true. Even being fairly sure you passed, you should never say it to an employer, potential or otherwise. If you do, and you happen to fail(very possible no matter how you felt), then it can only reflect poorly. Say something like this in response to “how did it go?”. “It is an extremely challenging exam and, no matter how a person feels, I have learned that it can humble them. I prepared well for it, and I am confident that I did my best, but with an exam like that I won’t really know how well I did until the results come out.” Put it in your own words, but that way you are confident, but have not put any certainty into it