Regarding Eligibility

Hello Everyone

When is the approximate first registration date for December 2014 Level 1 exam?

I am doing a dual degree from BITS Pilani, India and currently in my pre final year. So let’s say if the first registration date is in february or march and i apply then. Will i be eligible for registration because in December 2014 i will be in my final year and my degree gets completed in May 2015 or do i have to wait till August for registration till i get into my final year?

Thanks in advance!

Well this is the reply i got from CFA for the same query just 5 mins back.

Thank you for contacting us about your interest in the CFA Program. In order to be eligible to enroll and register for the CFA Program examinations, you must meet all the requirements at the time of registration. If you’re in your final year of undergraduate study as your university or college has determined at the time of registration, you can sit for Level I and access your results. However, you won’t be able to register for Level II until you provide your degree information in your online account.