Regarding Ethics

I had gone through Ethics once- a couple of months back (!!!), but hadn’t done any Qbank stuff. I’m going through this section. Was just wondering how you people are tackling this portion of the Curriculum. Are you guys going over the old stuff in details or just concentrating on the new cases?

Ethics is just going through tons of questions. And then reviewing the ones you got wrong. A little bit of studying on the required/recommended type stuff.

I am going to read the schweser notes on everything then take a ton of quesitons from the q-bank. The last couple days before the exam I will read all the examples from the CFA texts. This is what I did for level I and numerous ethics questions we almost identical to the cases in the text.

qbank qbank qbank…do as many questions…it’s pointless reading the material again and again… do the questions whether from schweser, or qbank or cfai texts…that way you’ll get the minute details you might’ve missed the first time… that’s how i’m doing it atleast…

i did the reading from the cfa text and probably will read the new stuff (soft dollar and prudent investor) once more. but i’m in agreement. best way to do it through as many questions as possible.

great…thanks everyone. I’m re-reading the CFA text and will then work through the problems. Trying to skim through stuff as fast as i can.