Regarding L2 Exam Time


I’m sure you’re all busy with your L3 studies, and don’t give a shit about L2 stuff at this juncture. However, I’m posting this here since a lot of you L3 maniacs don’t frequent L2 forums that often.

Can some of you share your experience with respect to the length (time) of the L2 exam? I had enough time left after both L1 morning and afternoon sessions to review/revisit questions. Is L2 similar in nature? Did you run out of time, and have tips to conserve time (for e.g. being time-aggressive while reading the itemsets)?

I realize that everyone’s reading habits are unique, so some of this may be subjective. But doesn’t hurt to ask.

Thanks and good luck with L3.

1.20 * time you took on L1

Depends on your strengths. I also had time left over on Level I and passed easily.

However I failed first time around Level II. On my second try, I only had a couple minutes to spare on the morning section, but in the afternoon section I left 45 minutes early! Passed.

Really depends what sections you know cold and can storm through. My only advice is to memorize every formula so cold you are reciting them in your sleep. Make your own flashcards. That’s what put me over the hump in Level II. Then you can focus on the wordy questions more.

One other word of advice: before you read the vignette, look over the questions to see what information you’ll need. Then when you read the vignette you’re doing it with a purpose: here’s what I need for question 1, here’s what I need for question 2, and so on. It’s a real time-saver.

Depends on how fast you read (and of course how well you know the material). Biggest difference from L1 is the amount to read. I agree with the suggestion above to look at the questions first.