Regarding L2 Registration

I just finished L1 last June, and wanted to know if I could register for L2. My college degree is a little odd, it’s a 5 year bachelors+masters (considered 3+2) but I only get the degrees in July 2015 when I graduate.

That being said, I could register for level 1 because I was technically done with my bachelors. I wanted to know if I could register for L2 without issue. I mailed a query in, and the response I got was:

Have a bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree. The degree requirement is self-reporting. If you need assistance to determine whether or not your degree is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or higher, we suggest that you contact your college or university to make an inquiry. Candidates who are also students can take the Level I exam but can only register for Level II after they provide confirmation that they’ve received their degree.

  • OR -

Have four years of qualified, professional work experience or a combination of work experience and education that totals at least four years. Eligible professional experience for entrance to the program instead of a degree does not have to be investment related; part-time positions do not qualify. Candidates who submit a combination of work experience and education must have completed this four year total at the time of enrollment.

I do fulfill the criteria set forward by the second paragraph (4.5 years of college + some work ex.). Just wanted to double check, though, especially since I won’t have my actual degree if they want to verify.

from my understanding, like they told you, it’s “self-reporting”. techincally you don’t have to be finished in order to register for Level 2. i’m not saying this should be done, just what i believe to be true.

i also had a dillema where my ceremony isn’t until June 2015 and they emailed me telling me it was self-reporting and I could still register, etc.

Thanks for the reply!

I was asking about the second part (4.5 years of education is technically a combination of education and work experience totalling more than 4 years).

I see a lot of posts with people saying that you can’t write the exam unless you have a bachelors degree in hand, but that isn’t true according to this, right?