Register 2008Dec Level 1 already!

Just noticed today that the registration for the 2008 Dec starts. Paid 990 USD, and I am officially on board. But compared with Jun exam, the test centers are much less, there is even no test center in Brussels. So i have to register Amsterdam one. :-((

Oh, darn, another trip to Amsterdam! I feel your pain… I think your CFAI candidacy is an elaborate pretense to visit Amsterdam. How exactly does one celebrate after completing their exam in Amsterdam? Is there anything to do in that town? Haha, j/k, good luck on your prep and try not to get “distracted” on your way to the test center… unless that was your objective from Day 1.

Amsterdam is a pretty city, a lot of museum… hire a bike to have city tour. I have been there several times to visit friends, but haven’t done the city tour. Mightbe I will have a rest, and enjoy the city after the exam :slight_smile:

I’ve heard about that bike…