Registered, waiting for the eBooks to arrive...

It’s been over an hour and I have yet to get the Vitalsource code for the books…

No, I’m not gonna start studying this soon but just kinda curious…

I already accessed the books to count the pages. ~2,200.

Nm, i got the code already

How long after did you end up getting your code?


I want hardcopy and not pay 150 for ebook + 170 for hardcopy…

Waiting for the code too. Ordered one and a half hour ago. I will not start studying today, but still would like to have the books already. Strangely I don’t feel like a real candidates without the books in my hand (i.e. in my computer).

I am also waiting. I ordered mine ~3 hours ago.

I was about to register. Seriously? I want the hardcopy as well. What was the total?

How many people register early just so they can use the title “Level III Candidate?”

lol i’ll be one of them soon. Partially for this reason

It sucks this year that they force you to the Ebook and then you have to add the hard copy. Last year you had the option of just getting the hard copy. I cannot muster to read CFAI long, boring text on my IPad or computer. It was also confirmed that they eliminated 8 net readings for 2014 Level III versus 2013 Level III. It still looks really long to me.

I registered to get the lowest write fee. The price steps are brutal.

I just got my email now (~5 hours after I paid).

Im confused about something, when we register I saw that we have to pay $150 for the ebooks, i paid $620, does this mean I got the print books too or i still have to order them.

No, that $620 only covers the e-book. You’ll need to pay additional if you want the print books.


in paid as i really would like to get the printed book. Had very bad experience with my vitalsource in Level 2