Registered yet?

Officially a 2016L3 candidate…

That’s pretty much where the excitement ends…downloaded 1st Ebook. Read one sentence. Closed browsing window.

Registered keeping in mind, interest rates in US likely to increase (QE)…INR gonna depreciate…

I don’t see the point of registering before the early reg. deadline with reduced fee… I may start looking at the older exams to get a feel for the material, but I won’t start studying until Oct/Nov realistically

nope. I’ll talk to HR first to see what I can get… before the sept ratchet anyway.

still. i plan to start straight away putting people right with the finer points of the curriculum. I swear the only reason I managed >70 in ethics was because of all the bs getting discussed on here.

anyway how are the ebooks (scanned or vecotrized?) how many pages vs L2 etc?

Come on man, it’s JULY! Get a life, enjoy the holidays and start studying at the turn of the year.

Otherwise you’re going to burn out at the first hurdle.

I’m not registering for L3 until the end of September, just before the fee increases. I won’t realistically look at anything until October/November anyway. If my employer was covering the fees, I would register earlier.

God I hate to look dumb, but once registered for the exam - where do you go to download the e-curriculum?

I’ve looked under candidate resources but can’t see anything…

I just don’t have the time to start later.

You’ll get a separate email from CFAI with download instructions, if you haven’t already. You’ll need the CFAI email for the redemption code to access the books from Vitalsource.

Hey Lammy, yeah just received the email thanks…I was going round in circles thinking I was missing something

Problem solved :wink:

Of course company pays! I’m really starting in about a month and pretty lightly.

Registered 2 days back.

Have recieved registration receipt and confirmation.

But, still not got the redemption code for e-books which was to be sent in a separate mail.

Can somebody help me?

You should have opened the last E-book and read the last sentence; learn whodunnit.

Uh oh, that’s not a good sign.