Registering for L2

I just complete L1 June 2010. I will be graduating in April 2011. Just wondering how I can register for L2 Jun 2011.

commend you on the effort, but there’s no way to do it. Someone else had the same problem

What am I missing here? Can you not sign up for Level 2 until you graduate?

So I have to have my degree completed and then register? Expected graduation doesn’t work? WTF

no it doesnt work BruinBanker

Yes someone else posted here just a few weeks ago with same problem, apparently CFAI rules are that you must hold a bachelors degree to register for L2.

Focus on enjoying your senior year!! The CFA will still be there for you after graduation.

Not allowing college students to register for L2 is a good policy. Otherwise, there will be many undergraduates who will focus on the CFA exams rather than their degrees.

errrrrrrrrr, just wanted to avoid doing CFA during work as much as possible. I thought this was doable a couple of years ago, isn’t it?