Registering for Level 1 Exam in Dec'11 Question

Hi, I am a full-time student at an university in U.S (senior year). There are a few things I get confuse at first-time registering for the exam in Dec’11. Any help would be appreciated. 1) I have created an account on CFAI, and apply for Regular Membership. In the process of registering, I am not sure how to fill in the Work Experience Form because it said Regular Membership require at lease 48 months of experience and there are no option for student. Should I just put my university name on and continue? 2) After registering, CFAI requires 2 sponsors who are - “a regular member” and “your supervisor”. I really don’t know who a supervisor for a college student should be. It doesn’t explain well in CFAI website. 3) Also, I also need to apply to a society which is said " have to be same as your sponsor’s". Is there anyway to choose a society that I want rather than choosing the same as my sponsor? Hope that anyone experience this before could help me. Thanks !

Are you sure you are enrolling for the exam? People who have passed the exams apply for regular membership which requires 4 years of experience, sponsors etc.

I am pretty sure I am eligible for enrolling CFA Level 1 as a senior-year student in college.

Ummm, I think you’re signing up for the Charter - this can’t be done until you have passed all three exams and have the proper experience. You don’t need references, experience, etc. for registering for exams. I don’t remember the eligibility rules, but I think you at least need a bachelor’s degree before you can register for L2. You should be able to register for L1 as a Senior. Good luck. If you get stuck, call their 800 number - they’re very helpful.

Oyster, much thanks for your useful information :slight_smile:

You’re trying to become a regular member of the CFA Institute, which you can’t do as a senior in college. Instead, you just want to register for the level I exam. You don’t need to be a member to register for exams.