Registering your super car in Montana

Figure this might be useful to those who own big league cars…


Summary is that people who live in states where it’s really expensive to buy and register cars (some states charge ~7% sales tax and a tax every year based on the value of the car) can form a business in Montana, register the car in the name of the business, and take advantage of their favorable taxes (no sales tax and currently a flat fee for vehicle registrations).

I’ve been researching this and some states like CA are cracking down (they have a hotline someone can call to snitch on their neighbor, sad!) To me it seems like this is something you may get away with if you don’t daily drive the car because the state could investigate you and the car if they wanted, to see where the car is primarily operated and if any state laws are broken. Anyone have any experience with this? I don’t have a supercar but hell if you pay $50k for a car and can avoid 7% of sales tax, that’s no small number!

That’s why you see cars like these with Montana plates.

I was wondering about those Montana plates. And now I know. And knowing is half the battle! Image result for knowing is half the battle gif

Plus those plates look sick.

that McLaren P1 GTR looks reallllllllllllllllllll nasty

I don’t have a super car, but fortunately we don’t have a personal property tax in PA. We do have a sales tax though, so if I ever do buy a super car I’ll be sure to buy it in Montana and then transfer the registration to PA after a year. Used to live in NJ and they have really high car insurance rates, so isn’t uncommon for people to have their car registered in another state if they have the ability to do so. My parents split the year between FL and NJ and have their car registered in FL and someone actually did try to report them to NJ once, but because they spend more than 1/2 the year in FL they are legally FL residents and there is nothing NJ can do about it.

Plus, if you ever do drive it in Montana, some roads have no speed limit.