registration for level 2


I have a question for you guys, can I register to the level 2 exam before getting the results of my level 1 exam ?

Thank you


not possible, i sent an email to CFAI regarding this questions

If you are confident that you passed, borrow the books from a friend and start studying for L2 while you wait for the results. Or you can purchase 3rd party study materials.

i have a question as well; can you register for level 2 prior to graduation of undergrad?? my situation is kind of crazy and i won’t get into details but basically i have a small chance of graduating in February 2015, otherwise it will be summer 2015. Ideally I’d pass this level 1 and take June Level 2 2015. But if I haven’t technically graduated yet (i’m not sure if it matters, but I WILL be able to present a full transcript of completed credits for undergrad in Febuary latest; the ceremony just won’t be until summer…) will I be able to enroll for Level 2 assuming I pass this Saturday??

I registered for L2 even though I was not technically graduated.

I had my university draf a letter to CFAI stating that I had completed all course requirements for my degree and was waiting for graduation ceremony.

I finished all requirements in december 2013 and the graduation ceremony was not until may 2014.

CFAI was okay with this, so I was able to writeL2 in June 2014.

perfect!! appreciate the insight.