Registration Problem - Feels Great (Tips to Pass)

Tried to register for the exam and got the following message: “You have already successfully completed the CFA Program and may not register again. Please contact us if you have any questions.”

Feels great to be done! Definitely propels you forward psychologically.

Just thought I’d let those of you who are getting ready to write the last level know.

I already posted a few tips on the forum before, but here is what I think is most important:

  1. Read the CFA books and do all the EOC questions. Start reading now, if you haven’t started yet.

  2. Practice doing as many relevant CFA exams as you can in the same setting as the actual exam (9-12, 2-5, timed - no breaks).

  3. Be disciplined and stay mentally strong no matter what. Do not let your emotions take control over you. Think about the consequences of passing (relief, new opportunities, sense of accomplishment). This is probably key, which should drive the whole preparation.

  4. Visit and use this forum as much as you can. Lots of great tips and answers to various questions available here. Plus you don’t feel like you are doing this alone.

  5. In addition to your own notes, use these notes to review and to check your knowledge:

The notes are very good for some sections and ok for others. Pretty funny at times too. Keep an eye on any mistakes and verify/supplement with the actual text.

  1. On the exam day, for the AM section, do the easiest questions first, keeping your answers short. I ended up leaving some IPS questions till the end to avoid writing too much at the beginning of the exam, which worked out well. I think this strategy allows you to get through the questions you know well and potentially get some points for the ones that you don’t. Finishing the AM section on time is challenging. Keep that in mind. Point #2 should help.

  2. Rent a hotel room nearby if your test location is far. This will save you some time in the morning and allow you to avoid unnecessary stress. Do this ahead of time because there might be no spots left later on.

Note: If you are running out of time to study, focus on #3 and #2, referring to the books and reading them as you go. The material will stick best when you start doing the questions and looking for detailed explanations in the text.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!

THe truth is that, like many other academic exams, CFA rewards students who can cram and retain lots of unrelated information in his head. It really helps to start your reading early on so your mind is in a relaxed state to reflect upon and debate with the materials. Comes February you had better be in a cramming mode: memorize every calculations and bullet points. I don’t know about you but I don’t enjoy cramming. If there is a time to appreciate the CFA curriculum, it has to be now.

Thanks, Weiver. Of the 5 posts you’ve written here at AF, this is probably your finest.


WOW, really awesome notes, Weiver! I quoted this one on the consolidated resource toolkit thread, thanks for sharing!

Congrats Weiver… 3rd time charm :-)… Awesome notes

Dream Weiver