Registration without passport

Hello, I am planning on taking Level II this June, but will have my passport in about 2-3 weeks. Is there a possibility to register without passport (I currently possess a national ID card) and then update the information once I receive the passport. By doing so I could get the curriculum a lot faster and start studying earlier. Thank You.

I was curious about this as well. I just called CFAI, and I used my Canadian driver’s license, which they said is fine for the June 2011 sitting. For 2012 exams, a passport will be required.

I sent them an email and got an opposite response. Quote from their email response: “All candidates must enter a valid international travel passport in order to complete online registration. There are no exceptions to this policy.” But seeing that you were allowed to register without a passport, I will to the same. Moreover, I accidentally added my national ID card details in the registration information and only then saw that they want passport details - and these cant be edited, that is, you must contact them to change them. So if I wait for my passport and then mail them to change the details and only then register, this way I could lose about a month. Thus I believe it is fair for me to register now, get my curriculum faster and mail them the details once I get my passport.

You can register with your old passport (or use a family members) and then update it later submitting an ID change request form. I did that for Level 1 (used expired passport to register while new passport was under process)…was using passport as valid ID although ID policy did not specifically require a passport back then.