regression analysis

maybe I am crazy but I cannot find the regression analysis topic in the CFAI materials. Any idea in which book and reading it is discussed. thanks

Reading 69

  1. we don’t have to deal with it this go round.

does stalla / schweser have it in their materials or something?

i didnt see any topic in regression

I’m guessing he’s using old materials.

I am going through Schweser questions and the Quant topic has a lot of questions on Regression. Maybe the questions I have are outdated and not from 2008. It would make sense that if regression is being tested in quant, then it would be in the quant section and not reading 69.

Your not using 2008 schwesser. theres nothing on regression in there.

ok. thanks. I must be using 2007. Sorry for the confusion.

How do you not know if you are using 2007 or 2008?

The questions I have are printed out and say “SchweserPro 2008 level 1” on all the pages." The questions contain Regression questions. Therefore, there are two possiblities: 1. The header should read SchweserPro 2007, or 2. SchweserPro 2008 was the title used for the 2007 exam. If that is the case, then the current on line schweser for this december 2008 exam should say “Schweser Pro 2009.” And for the 2009 exam, it should say “schweserPro 2010 exam.”

can anyone tell me what date is shown when you print from schweser? Is it SchweserPro 2008?

anyone have an answer???

when did you buy it? and from whom? I just took the test in June and I don’t remember seeing anything about regression.

No regression on L1 June 08. It moved on L2 starting June 08. offers the following download. The problem is that it is not from 2008. The pages all have 12/2/2007 on the bottom right and there are regression questions, but no technical analysis questions. 20080401 2008 Schweser Kaplan CFA SchweserPro QBank Level 1 (Program+PDF, pdf contains 1300 pages) I guess I am going to purchase it from Schweser.

yup, regression is on level 2. be grateful. there is like 3-4 fat chapters on it.

I used to do alot of regression analysis in UIUC so the chapters in level 1 were a joke. I think the best place they discussed it was when they were talking about calculating beta on the CAPM model for valuing equity or whatver it was volume 5. But im pretty sure the finance book covered it too, volume 1.