Regression help


i am getting confused with the terms mutlicollinearity, auto correlation, heterskedasticity, etc and the different tests to solve the errors.

Can anyone share any way you learnt it.

thank you!

I learnt it by teaching it for several years.

I know: not much help two weeks before the exam, but there you go.

learnt it by breaking it down into the following for each:

  1. what is it

  2. what does it effect

  3. how do you detect it

  4. if present, how is it corrected

Found that it wasn’t too complex when i broke it down according to the above when writing my notes

For the purposes of the exam, this is probably the best advice to pick it up quickly-- pull your answers directly from the curriculum so you know what they think about it. Learning how to apply this in the real world will take a lot of work with real data and good references (not the CFA books).

Thank you… i know the terms but when the questions are asked randomly i get all confused and forget what each was… so i ll try breaking it down and make a note of it and probably read everyday… thank u!!

Perhaps keep your notes handy and walk through a small set of problems using the notes as a check list on each problem. After a few problems, try referencing your notes only when you really need help. If you try to read each question and recreate that part of your notes, it’ll probably stick in your mind better when you need to apply it to questions.