regressive right are the true snowflakes

all white all cold and if there are enough they will shut down good schools

How much more sh1tposting is required for this troll to be banned?

The radicals on both sides are snowflakes because neither is willing/able to even consider the possibility that they are wrong, so when there is even a hint of opposition to their views, they freak out. Sadly, the radicals in both major parties have become so vocal and aggressive that the sane and reasonable members of the parties have been driven into the shadows.

12-18 inches forecast in boston = wfh!!!


you’re a snowflake. No! You are! /whaaaaaa

Fun day today, calling for 8-12 in NYC. Good luck up there!

lmao +1 its like kids sticking their tongues out/monkeys flinging poo.

This was a good read about how this white hate is blowing up in your (the "regressive left’s) face…

That’s a quote from Ben Wexler.

The joke was fine but there’s no place for plagiarism here.

wrong! so sad!

regressive left = regressive right. they will get destroyed along with white trolls in washington.

true left will be reunited and shall experience a renaissance defeating white male patriarchy.

example 1


Hell yes.

83 in midland tomorrow. Degrees, that is.

Hehe, your trolling is so weak, but I will play…

How exactly does destroying men (the backbone of society) actually work out in favor of society? It’s like humanity waging war against their own existence? Didn’t the USA already conduct that experiment? How is the gynarchy working out? laugh

lol. Even the hit pieces on Milo make him look good.

not that i buy into the whole destroy the male patriarchy thing, you are not really understanding what it means. The underlying sentiment is just that this country’ power structure has been in the control of a few white men for 99.9% of its existence. It doesnt have anything to do with destroying men, it has more to do with creating a system that does a better job addressing the needs of communities the current system generally ignores.

Its the general reason people didnt want HRC (& GWB, & DJT for that matter, they are all the same) to win, political dynasties, power staying wihtin a few families etc. I realize you wouldnt understand it because you love china where even fewer with even less diversity rule with an iron fist, so its really about as pointless as watching paint dry. The sentiment generally aligns pretty well with your corporate overlords philosophy though, just replace massive corps with a few rich old white dudes and there you go.

this is a quaint view of the world.

I never said i fully buy into it. Parts are correct but like most other world views it misses a lot (much like yours)

We have technically had a black president for 3.3% of our existence.

is that including the fact that hes 1/2 white? should that be knocked down to 1.15?