REIT ER, sell side, interview questions

My previous post has been completely hijacked. I hope this one stays the course of the topic. 1. If you were a REIT analyst wanting to interview an associate, what would you ask? Would you be interested in more macro stuff or would you dive into company specific questions? Given my background below, what would you be looking for? My background is that of a fundamental and macro analyst with about 2 years workex doing bottoms up and some macro work for my current firm - been a generalist though and almost no fixed income exposure. hold an MBA (non-target, but a decent top 50). Been an accountant/fin.analyst before that. 2. also what do you think about ER roles in Wells Fargo (kinda been pushed into SS ER after wachovia buy) and the beaten down Citi - Would their IB peers be strong enough to bring them basic business in the future? They are holding up now, but is there a better future for the ER dept. there or do i pass these companies if I had a choice? Appreciate your responses.

This guy. Your resume must be miraculously on point…

HAHAHAHAH can you do me a favor? When you “pass” on Citi and Wells Fargo, can you please give them the names of every other person trying to break into that business that isn’t a complete idiot? Thanks!

I know there’s one BB shop that’s hiring for a REIT associate position and I know that team very well. If you’re interviewing with them you should know that they’re a great group of people but the team is very demanding. If you’re uncertain about the long hours, some weekend work, business travel, etc., you might want to reconsider. Otherwise, it’s a great platform and a great opportunity. Good luck.

Hi Hobbes: Thanks for the update. Long hours, weekend work etc are somethings I am very used to - to the point that it sometimes goes into wee hours of the next morning. What i really want is a great opportunity to learn the real stuff - not produce pages of output for the sake of it. I hope this is one of it. Would you be able to tell me where this team is based out of? Also, if you have a general idea what such a team would expect of a new member? Thanks

I hate to break it to you, but alot your work will be producing pages of output just for the sake of it…