Is an associate position (sell side) in ER any different from other sell side er associate positions in terms of hours, pay, prestige, exit ops, promotion to analyst level etc? i am aware of the nature of research being idfferent - i.e ffos vs cfos, may be more macro linked etcetc. i am keen on understanding the other differences (not the skill set part needed to do the job), especially with regs to compensation and how other SS ER folks view it. thanks for the insight - need it before an interview.

With all due respect, that post makes no sense.

With all due respect, that post makes no sense.

what i got from the first sentence: is a sell side associate in ER any different from a sell side associate in ER? HAHAHAHA good luck in the interview.

With no due respect, that post makes no sense.

You clowns. He is just asking us to compare an SS associate position in hours and macro lifestyle with regs to those of prestige cfo ffo associates. Also, Justin Bieber.

I’m guessing there are other things he needs more than this information for the interview. Clarity of thought, communication skills, etc…

Qbanky, you may not be the worst or the best, but you gotta respect my honesty, you suck!!!

I apologise - my question was meant to ask if a REIT SS ER associate role has anything unique to it compared to other SS ER ROLES. Sorry for the oversight - my bad. appreciate your thoughts.

Maybe the question wasn’t worded perfectly, but it didn’t deserve the (level of) sarcasm it drew. About half of my time in SS research was spent covering REITs–and they’re very different. Unless you LOVE commercial real estate (and have a choice), I’d suggest you stay away. REIT analysts are the red-headed stepchildren of the industry. Most of your clients are REIT-only shops, so (1) the sales guys don’t keep up or make calls on research, (2) any contacts you make on the buy side are going to be REIT-only guys, so it’s much more difficult to get out of the space once you’re in it. There’s a lot more travel for REIT analysts as well (on top of the typical marketing & company management trips). Expect a healthy does of insanely stupid property tours, seeing what an office building in Raleigh looks like, a Safeway in Richmond, a Safeway in Baltimore, a Safeway in King of Prussia…god I hated that crap. But the folks who are lifers in CRE eat it up with a spoon. They literally can’t wait to get to the next site and see the layout for some POS warehouse/flex space. No real differences in most other aspects–yeah the terminology and metrics (FFO, etc.) are different, but the modeling, management meetings, compensation, and all the other stuff is similar. One last thing–I worked at two different places, and at both, the REIT analysts were always, always, always the last guys to leave for the day (another reason why I bolted).