Rejected an offer I should not have

It’s an awkward situation, but it doesn’t have to be weird between you and the guy. He’s probably sick of the place at this point, as I doubt he had a good experience there, given his reason for leaving. If you’re just normal, he’ll probably just be normal to you.

My mistake. I met with him. Although I didn’t explicit ask him, so I don’t know whether or not he was fined, it seems his reasons for leaving are more personal. He told me he was moving over an hour away and he doesn’t want to commute.

Seems like a normal guy. We could probably be friends.

That is a red flag right there…shrugging it off as oh it’s BO stuff is a naive mistake to make…The whole trade cycle-reporting process and managerial process is probably non existent at that place due to many reasons but not limited to incompetence or just laziness - either case very dangerous.

Usually with fines, whether it was against the BO or IT or whatever in the end they will affect the FO guys as well…Why did the BO not file the paperwork on time? Because they were busy cooking it up or entering the gray lines with the help of FO people to conjure up some nice scenario or the BO guys are just clueless along with CFO and COO?

Benzo coming in hot with the outside view

Pokhim you still looking man? I’m perfectly qualified to fill that role. I guarantee i’ll show up late, leave early, take daily lunch breaks and visit the local strip club, and ask for a raise within a couple months. I eagerly await your offer - and make it high.

So I just wanted to give an update:

My contract was cancelled and I am unemployed now. I didn’t do anything wrong specifically. The boss was difficult to deal with. He threw insults and didn’t want to explain things clearly (I did not insult back).

I’m just at a loss for what to do now. I’ve been seriously considering an MBA (if I get in).

Am I allowed to post my resume/cover letter here for some editing advice?

EDIT: Right now, I’m applying online and taking python courses.

sorry to hear mate.

keep chugging along

post it on GMATCLUB.COM for your MBA and resume help. They have actual university admissions folks to help you out.

Here, we’ll just tell you to become a plumber or an astronaut.

Good luck!

Sad but true

I am using to practice Python.

Sorry to hear it didn’t work out. If you get farther with the MBA search/career focusing, let me know, happy to help you but my immediate recommendation is you need to work more before you take the MBA debt gamble.