Rejected an offer I should not have

So last year I fucked up and rejected an offer (as mk17 knows). This year, I see the same position. Is there a way I can word my application to get this this job or is the effort futile?

What made you reject the offer the last time around? Should probably address that concern and maybe reach out to the person from before to skip the queue.

I thought I had a better opportunity but that one didn’t work out. I’m just wondering how companies react to being rejected. This is a small firm.

Not well, no one wants to be sloppy seconds. Try to find a good way around giving off that impression. Use some personal excuses, if valid.

Yes, you can’t say that you wanted to do something else, but that didn’t work out. Somehow, it has to be like you wanted to work for them, but could not due to circumstances.

You can say at the time you thought that was a better opportunity for you, but it was not the case. Honestly is always the best policy

id lie and say you had to move out of state with your gf, now that you dumped her negative NPV a** you are ready to rock out

This plus one.

This is a small industry. Tell the truth (with some good spin for you) and see what happens. In my experience, companies don’t hold grudges unless you’ve really pissed someone off. It really is just business. Not personal. And if it is personal to the hiring guys, you don’t want to be there.

I will go the honesty route since I had already mentioned the opportunity when I declined the offer last year. Hoping for the best but wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t get a response since it was my own fault.

Spill some BS about ur gf or something, but ur in state to stay now

You know how long it takes to find someone you like?.. Can take month and months… We’ve been looking for an analyst for 9 months and no1 is good enough… So if they liked you before and you left it on good terms (didnt F them around) then they should jump at the chance to offer you the position… Save a lot of headache

THe key here is though. Commitment. You’re a risk to them… YOu need to make it clear your 100% for them and not a flight risk if something else comes along.

9 months and no one’s good enough? Lower your standards?

Just an update. I got the offer.

From what I understand, the previous guy wasn’t on top of things and they got fined. But I was speaking with the owner on the phone and he said that it would be the previous guy who would be training me. Not sure if I heard correctly since I am surprised given the mentality of someone training their replacement. I have an in-person meeting to discuss details.

How should I handle this?

They got “fined”?

i think he meant *fired*

congrats lil cubbie you made us proud

No, fined. As in the company got fined by the financial regulators because the guy wasn’t doing his job properly. They haven’t let him go yet. He will be leaving in March. I start in two weeks and he will be training me.

man i know you have been itching to make a move but this raises all sorts of red flags.did they at least give you a better offer this time around?

^ Why? Due to the fine? I think it was just some BO stuff such as not filing paperwork on time. Not like securities fraud. The CIO and PM seem to value the charter (and ethics) greatly, which is probably did main reason I got this job. He wanted someone from UofT or Queen’s but he said that since I have passed level III, that should be good enough.

Anyways, I’m struggling at my current workplace. Not because the work is challenging, because it’s not. But because the people in my department are so inefficient. Also I think it is affecting my health and no price is worth that.

If you have time, I would like to PM you to discuss in more detail.

the fine, your name being associated with a firm like that, and their handling of this guy who they’re going to fire but doesn’t know it yet… you’d think the guy is smart enough to pick up that he is training his replacement…

sure, shoot me a msg in the old thread.

I think he knows. From my phone call with the CIO, the guy is leaving in March so that’s why he’s in a rush to get me to start. So I guess when I’m asking “how to handle the situation?”, I probably should not bring it up when he is training me but also things like: is he going to get defensive, how to deflect certain questions, etc. I don’t know him so I’m just planning for future scenarios.

Just get the training… you got ur foot in the door. Say ‘yah yah, all good.’ do the crappy training for a fews weeks then crack on as you always would