Release date Results LEVELII

Could anyone be kind enough to explain to me why it takes so long for the CFA Institute to publish the results of levelII?? 2 months to correct a MCQ test seriously? I am pretty sure they have the means to process the exam sheets of level one and level 2 in 2 weeks. So how come the release date is not the same for level I and level II. And why should it be the same for level II and level III? To be honest, I am guessing that they probably take into account the results for level III before deciding how many should pass level II.

They do alot of evaluating of the test itself: how people did on certain questions, what questions were too hard and should be thrown out, etc. They have a lot of data to go through, so it takes time.

What is interesting though is this is much different than L3, since they have to write a few sentences for half of the exam and someone has to manually grade it, yet we get results on the same day. I’d say L2 results are probably completed a few weeks before Aug. 18, but sometime after L1 gets their results, but for some reason they combine the release date with L3.

What is the date this year - Aug 18?

I think its all about the demand and supply aspect of the CFA Institute (like someone said, they look at how many L3’s are passing…then how many new L3’s would fit the CFAI model, and downwards to Level 1). And all this goes into account for setting the curve. Have you guys read the document on how the MPS is decided etc?Its on the CFAI site I believe. Cheers.