Relevance of Study materials

I was initially planning on studying for FRM Part 1. I am also a CFA Level 2 Candidate (recently gave my exams). But there are many things going on for me right now, so I was thinking maybe I could do a financial modeling course for the first few months. Once, I am done with it, I would start studying for the next CFA level provided I passed :slight_smile: . However, the problem is I already have schweser notes and BT material for FRM part 1 2012. So I am kind of confused if they would be relevant for the FRM exam in 2013. Can anyone provide some inputs?

The curriculum changes every year by as much as 25%. Therefore, your Schweser notes will probably be useful for some of the readings. You can keep your 2012 Schweser notes and buy the new missing individual GARP readings ($3 to $10 each) next year. Or, you can just try to sell your Schweser notes on Ebay, here at the Forum, or to a colleague taking the November exam. You need to do it quickly though because most people have already started studying. Good luck!

I think I’ll give it a shot. My only problem area is Quants, which is going a bit too slow for my liking, I hope to get through the other study materials quicker. Thanks for your inputs mate. Appreciate it :slight_smile: