Relevancy of a few topics from the 2017 mock exam

Hello All,

Was doing a prior 2017 CFAI mock and trying to figure out if the following topics are still relevant:

  • duration of equity in a leveraged portfolio (DA-DL/E) is the formula
    -VaR calculations, daily VaR etc.
    -share volume weighted effective spread (trading topic)
    -calculating treynor, sharpe and information ratios in comparison to the CML and SML slopes


I plan on doing Kaplan, Mark Meldrum and Bloomberg mocks. I believe Bill C helps write the MM mocks? for the old CFAI AM portions I have a relevancy sheet but not for the PM (mocks, I have 2017-2020). Just wondering if it’s redundant to attempt those at this point since the curriculum has changed so much…

I did for the 2019 exam.

Now I market my own exams, and work with Marc LeFebvre at LevelUp.