Relevant Past Exam Question Source

I’m working through past exam problems using the IFT Past Essay Exam guide and I’m finding that a lot of the problems that they don’t consider as relevant should be still relevant. For example, the IFT guide says the 2018 exam question 2 is no longer relevant but the questions cover CME in Singer-Terhaar and Grinold-Kroner. That’s still relevant material. It seems like they just removed any question that had an updated section author. Does anybody have a better source for past exam questions that are still relevant?

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I agree. has a comprehensive one going topic by topic for the past 10 years, telling you what questions are relevant. He also provides answer keys for the relevant question. Although it’s not free.

I guess you get what you pay for with a free resource. Now, I’m just reading the questions ahead of time and making my best guess on which ones to try. I hadn’t heard of Level Three Key before but it’s too late for me to start using a different program.