Relevant Work Experience - My Own Company

I own 50% of a media startup and have been doing all of the finance-related work. For example, we raised money at the beginning of the year, given my evaluation of all the proposals from VCs and angels. We also invest part of our earnings on the stock market through a diversified portfolio. I also evaluate capital investment decisions, such as possible expansion in new countries. Finally, I manage the day-to-day liquidity of the company, in terms of accounts payable and accounts receivable. I’m thinking of officializing this by creating a contract that says I am providing the financial services stated above as a consultant to the company. Do you think the CFAI would see this as relevant work experience? Also, do I need to pay myself anything? If yes, could a 1$/year symbolic be enough? Thank you!

I’m no expert, but fund raising stuff and managing the company’s investments should count. Working capital management is pure accounting and would be very unlikely to count. I THINK you have to be paid for anything to count.

Sounds good, thanks!

I’ve seen really wacky stuff that people have managed to make “count” as relevant work experience. if you word it right, it’ll work