Religious Reasons Question

Hey - does anyone know about this? If for religious reasons (e.g. the sabbath if you are jewish) you cannot take the exam on Saturday, you take it on Sunday. Is it the same exact exam? Do they create a slightly different version? Do they rely solely on the SOPH that no one will violate VII A? Just wondering…

AFAIK the exam is on one day. No option to have it on another day. In some countries the exam is on the Sunday. If you don’t like Saturday, take the exam in another country, vice versa.

I’m almost positive there is an allowance for the sabbath - otherwise, what would an orthodox jewish person do? They would never be able to attain a CFA charter.

You can choose to take it on Saturday or on Sunday - the “alternate” exam day for “religious” reasons. Yes, I think it is the very same exam - may be the order of questions or sets is changing, don’t know… For sure, thanks to VII A, NO ONE IS CHEATING !! So, no need to bother to wait the following day !!!

uh huh… I’d still like to see if there is a statistical difference in pass rates between Saturday and Sunday test takers. Just curious.

My guess is same questions…remember they give you a 4 digit form code for your exam booklet…I am sure the questions are the same and just the order are different…that way any potential violators can’t say something like “the answer to question 57 was D” or something like that

That could be the subject of an interesting quant set… But, don’t dream, you’ll never have the data I read on this forum some time ago that proctors caught a few chinese candidates with modified calculators that include a camera… So, I guess that they haven’t caught “all” of them and, most probably, you can buy on the internet the subject a few hours before you actually take it - depending on where you are goint to sit…

Agree with jasonindc, at least the order of questions is different. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that the questions are extreemly similar (figures may be different so you would end up with an other ABCD answer).

Yeah, but it seems to me the most important thing is the subject matter tested on the exam, not so much the actual letter answers. I don’t usually remember answering letter so and so for a certain question number. If someone tells you what topics are tested, so long as you actually studied, that should get you there. I mean let’s face the facts, there have to be people cheating out there in some way. Most of them probably get weeded out later on when the CFAI revokes their charter after a disciplinary action.