Relocating to DC

I was wondering of some of you guys can help me with company names in DC. I am considering relocating to there from NYC, but would like to stay in a finance related career. I tried to find some potential employers / jobs in DC on careerbuilder, monster,… but was wondering if you know any firm in particular that I should keep in mind. Of course I know about Fanniemae, Freddiemac, Capital one,… but I am potentially more interested in companies like FBR. I know from earlier postings that some of you are in DC and Arlington (I would also consider McLean et al), maybe you can help me. I have little over two years experience in finance (Accounting, Internal reporting), just passed Level II and would like to use this switch to come closer to (equity) research. Thanks.

bath, email me at I’ve spent the last 12 months creating the mother database of as many finance firms as I’ve run across in the Washington, DC area. I believe this could be very useful to you. It’s gorgeous. McLean, btw, is easily considered one of the nicest–if not the nicest–area in the entire Washington, DC metro area. Ridiculous location to tens of thousands of jobs, nicest malls in America, easy access to I-66, I-495, 267, Route 7, 123, Gallows Rd, etc. and there are 3 metro stops within easy access. McLean and Great Falls are where the rich and powerful reside. Arlington, VA, Potomac, MD, and Georgetown (DC) are kick ass, too. Warning: finance job market in the DC area is anemic compared to Chicago, San Fran, Philadelphia, Atlanta, NYC, and Boston, among others. IT is huge here and makes Silicone Valley look like the Stone Age. Email me.

Oh, let me add: accounting, IT, real estate and government services are the 4 biggest industries. General FYI, if you’re in accounting and looking for a job, there are literally more accounting jobs than a person could possibly know what to do with in DC.

Thanks so much, appreciate your comments. Will email you.