Relocating to Seattle

Hello everyone, I wanted some info on job opportunities for finance professionals in seattle with 3-4 years of experience. My cousin is going to relocate from India to seattle in a couple of months. She has a degree in finance and cleared level 2 last year. Her total experience would be around 4 years with an offshore investment bank (1 year) and a general consulting firm (3 years). what are the odds of landing up a reasonable job (60-80K) in finance in seattle? (she would be on a non-working visa, i reckon getting a work visa will also be an issue while finding jobs) Any color on the situation above is much appreciated!! Thanks, Djinn

Blackrock’s has a large alternative focus there I believe, they bought Quellos maybe 3-4 years ago. Also Vulcan Fund, Paul Allen’s asset management arm is there and has a large presence in several areas; In fact they were looking for an analyst a few weeks back, I was told by someone inside. That may be worth your cousins time to look into. Beyond those two, Russell is probably the biggest player in the analysis space. I think DA Davidson also has a presence there in Fixed Income. I don’t know much about pay in Seattle so I think your idea would be better than mine. I think it will be very difficult for her to secure the position before arriving as I have had little luck with Jobs there b/c of my geographic proximity and their preference to hire local… Best to you and your cousin!

Russell is big in seattle if she wants to stay with a consulting type role. There are a couple smaller traditional investment teams located there as well as a large VC community. I’m not sure what type of consulting your cousin did, but depending on that one of the VC companies could present a good opportunity.

thank you so much for your responses. any idea if getting a work visa will be terribly difficult? from what i could gather with my research the picture aint that sunny…just wondering how long could it take to land a job once there.

What kind of visa is your cousin coming with?

Pictures? Are there pictures of this cousin?

I would say that the mutual fund/hedge fund presence is surprisingly small given that Seattle is a wealthy coastal city. There’s some investing there, but mostly fund of funds. I would look at some of the corporates there, heard that places like AMZN and SBUX are pretty fun.

thanks! Ohai: she would be going with either a visitor’s visa or spouse visa.

looking at the jobline, the ones hiring are: Russell Investments BlackRock Cohen & Steers Inc Vulcan Capital Prudential Edge Asset Management is looking for international equity analyst: The ideal candidate will have: - Understanding of and belief in the value investment philosophy and willingness to learn and adhere to the team’s investment process - 2- 5 years of investment experience working for a value-oriented equity investment management firm - An BA with concentrations in finance and / or accounting. A CFA charter or work towards the Certified Financial Analyst designation (passed level I CFA exam) - Ability for contrarian and independent thinking; conviction to defend his/her own and team’s ideas in front of the portfolio manager, consultants and clients - Knowledge of valuation techniques (experience with HOLT and understanding of the EVA and ROIC concepts preferred) and ability to apply them to real businesses - Experience in analysis of companies within different economic sectors and geographic regions (a multi-country generalist is preferred) - Strong written and verbal skills - High degree of personal integrity, strong self-motivation, superior work ethics, and ability to work both independently and as a part of the team - Natural curiosity and desire to learn - Interest and ability to travel, both within the US and overseas - You will be required to comply with a Code of Ethics which covers personal trading activities for you and members of your household. - Employment at the Principal Financial Group is contingent upon completion of thorough background and credit checks.

SuperiorReturn Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > - You will be required to comply with a Code of Ethics which covers personal trading activities for you and members of your household. Now that’s not very ‘edgey’, contrarian, nor independent thinking, that’s just malarkey.