Relocating to Seattle

Hello everyone, I wanted some info on job opportunities for finance professionals in seattle with 3-4 years of experience. My cousin is going to relocate from India to seattle in a couple of months. She has a degree in finance and cleared level 2 last year. Her total experience would be around 4 years with an offshore investment bank (1 year) and a general consulting firm (3 years). what are the odds of landing up a reasonable job (60-80K) in finance in seattle? (she would be on a non-working visa, i reckon getting a work visa will also be an issue while finding jobs) Any color on the situation above is much appreciated!! Thanks, Djinn

If she needs to find an employer that sponsors for her working visa, I hate to tell you but chances are slim. It was MUCH easier in 2006-2007 or prior. I can tell you that in confidence because I have experienced that. It’s very hard now unless you are graduating (from MBA in US).

Thanks for the heads up mik82, ya she was wondering abt that… I gather cfa program enrollment also doesnt help much here, does it?

I don’t know how the job mkt is in Seattle, maybe it’s better than here (NYC). I have been trying to switch job myself but when I say “I need sponsorship”, they quickly reply “Goodbye”. I have realized that in order to get sponsorship, you need seniority (I have 4-5 years of experience), or a graduate degree (intl MBAs out of school get hired, but even there it’s not easy) or work for the same company that you were working for in your home country. Good luck, wish you the best.