If we are a trustee and there are remaindermen who want growth, but a current trust recipient who wants cash flow, who do we side with? The current person or the remaindermen? The book is vague?

I believe this is under the impartiality standard. The prudent investor needs to consider both current beneficiaries and the remaindermen. So i guess both equally?

Ok - that’s what i was reading was the impartiality section. It never stated to pick one, it seemed very vague. Im going to operate on “a lil bit of both”

Basically don’t go all current income and no capital gains, or vice versa. Better to have both parties relatively happy, then one happy and one pissed

I think over here you will need to balance the portfolio in order to satisfy both.

Thanks guys. I love this place - people are awesome and there is virtually no flaming - guess we’re all suffering together…