Remember all those questionable decisions you made in college?

Remember all those questionable decisions you made in college while under the effect of chemical or social influences? Now you can make those same decisions… but with guns.

Such a terrible idea. I wonder how long before this starts backfiring. Literally.

Meh, we had handguns in my college apartment. Was never an issue. Plus most college kids eating ramen aren’t gonna have $800 handguns lying around so it’s unlikely to be a real problem.

And of course it is coming from conservatives

Like most non US people, I believe US gun laws are generally too flexible. However, I can respect the opinion of people who really feel strongly the other way. Allowing guns in dorms, on the other hand, is firmly a bad idea. This is an environment in which people have died from funelling vodka into their rectums. There is no rational argument for why barely post adolescent students would need these weapons.

It’s an interesting experience. It could provide some anecdotel evidence for the relationship between guns and gun violence.

^^ Yes, let’s experiment on kids! Great idea!

They are of the age of majority.


It’s so hard to care.

Liberty University bans all consumption of alcohol on or off campus as well as drug use. It is a conservative school where studies testing the efficacy of their restrictions have found binge drinking to be less than a quarter of the national average at the greatest. This isn’t Arizona State we’re talking about.

As a US citizen, I agree.

But the gun nuts always talk about “exercising their second amendment rights”.


I mean, is any of this necessary? No. Does it even make practical sense? No.

Is it political posturing and is Jerry Falwell a complete ass? Yes and yes. Are people who attend Liberty University extremely weird? Yes.

But is this worth really getting upset about and will it have major consequences or possibly become a mainstream trend? Hardly.

BS summed it up perfectly there. Nothing else to be added, this is a total political power move. Knew a kid who went to Liberty and to say he was weird would be an understatement. If some kid gets shot it will be a shame, do I think this is a great idea? No, but tbh I don’t really find myself caring either.

Had a college roomate who had a handgun. We didn’t live in the dorms though we lived in one of those apartment style upper classmen arrangments on the edge of campus. A bar was right downstairs actually. Roomate was an insomniac who went on 4-5 day binges of no sleep (brilliant guy with a perfect GPA mind you, just grew up in a rough place). I remember one of the first nights after I moved in, the frisky younger chicks across the way knocked on the door at about midnight asking if we wanted to party and had any shrooms (Who asks for shrooms by the way?). In his ambien haze he went to the door with the gun. Needless to say those chicks never came back which was probably for the best because a few months later I saw their place getting raided by some cops and campus officials.