Remembering All the Formulas - Best approach???

Schweser has a list of Formula’s for each section - I was thinking of Printing all of those out, and then writing any additional formula’s I use when doing questions … and then writing out the entire set of formula’s once a day each day till the exam re-takers, and others, what are ur approaches to formulas? is relying on schweser’s summaries okay or do you think they omit too many impt ones? don’t have time to look and skim for formulas…would rather spend time reviewing theory so i can get some of those “statement 1” “statement 2” “cfa candidates: a big fu!k you” questions

yeah i would rewrite them everyday

Read them out loud. Then write them down. Then Read them out loud again.

I dont memorize formulas, If i see a formula i dont know, i practive that problem 4-5 times

Learn the logic, then the formula. I’ve only found 5-6 formulas w/ absolutely no logic.

Write them on paper Put them in a blender Blend it Add some sugar and mint. and you’ve got urself a CFA drink… I dont mind some too.

If you like that drink You pretty much stink. Schweser summaries don’t include all formula. It’s better to skim and make your own sheet. And rather than rewrite every day, just read them. And as ftwcfa said, there aren’t really many formulas except few stupid illogical ones.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying some formulas have no logic; it’s more likely the fact you don’t understand the logic…

in my original post i wasn’t saying i’m going to blindly memorize, cause i think the logic route is most important…but being able to remember them quickly on the exam can save a lot of time and avoid doubting urself for those who have mentioned 'illogical formula’s — care to share which ones??