Remembering material - how?!

Hey members/candidates,

For anyone else taking Level 2 next month, how are you memorizing all this information? Like, every concept from every single chapter, I am finding it really difficult. I am taking exams/doing questions, and every now and then, something comes up which just baffles me and I’d have to go back and look into it…any tips on how you memorize/remember all this info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks folks. hope studying is going well.

The same problem. Sometimes, I try to visualize concepts.

Ah level 2 :slight_smile:

Thought I’d jump in and see how the stress levels are going.

This time last year when I was in L2 hell I felt the same way. My advice is to just keep doing practice questions/exams. As many as possible. You’ll start to identify areas that need additional focus. Write down these areas on a separate sheet as you go. The list will be long at first, but eventually you’ll start to whittle it down as you work through the problem areas. Trust me, it seems absolutely daunting but it really does come together. Just keep at it!

Flash cards help me with recall of key concepts.

Just carrying through amid hope and despair… Started reading Wiley 11th hour to refresh and revise.

Guys, thank you so much. I will definitely be implementing these

Photo or didn’t happen.

No can do, will be too busy studying lol

Flash cards are great, especially for formulas, write them out several times if you’re struggling with certain ones (derivative strategies are my nemesis…). Just keep drilling questions, that’s the best way to hammer a topic home. Good luck.

Thanks Dazman, you too