Seems to me like the more I learn the more stuff i forget, i just get better at guesing on the Exams… Current Pass rate round 71% on the Schwesers. Anyone else having a difficult time remembering stuff from 5 months ago? Thoughts?

I just went blank for a time weighted return question, I hadn’t done one in so long my mind just froze. I have spent so much time remembering the hard stuff, I forgot the easy ones. I felt pretty stupid at that point.

Of course, everyone feels like that, you can never retain everything, just get a review guide like Elan’s Eleventh Hour and you should be good to go. Main thing is to not choke on the exam, a lot of people go around posting that they get great scores on practice exams because they control the environment, 3 hrs of examination, a two hour break and 3 more hours will definitely take its toll, so get sleep.