Reminder: IFRS apply unless otherwise noted

"In years past the default for accounting questions has been US GAAP, that is, in the absence of specific instructions your answers should be based on US GAAP. This seems to have changed with the integration of more IFRS into the curriculum readings. In the most recent (May) candidate bulletin, Dr. Robinson states, “For questions relating to financial reporting and analysis, you should assume International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) apply unless otherwise noted”. This seems a little late in the game for such an important announcement, but, in all fairness to the Institute, it may be an issue only for a very small number of questions, and possibly not an issue at one or more levels. You can (and should) read all the Candidate Bulletins. If you haven’t already read it, you can view the May candidate bulletin at: "

Wouldn’t they have to tell you that in the readings? What topics would this affect?