Reminder to occasionally check the official CFAI errata

Not a question but more of a friendly reminder to sporadically check the CFAI website for errata. I am an L3 retaker, and distinctly I remember a question on last years exam that tested something that had been corrected via errata 2ish months before the exam. So, depending if you had read the errata, you might have thought you got the question right, but unbeknownst to you, you didn’t.

The CFAI does not send out any notification when they release errata, so it’s up to us to monitor it. The last update was March 4th and can be found here: Items in red are new as of the March 4th update, and there appears to be a lot of corrections in Fixed Income.

Happy Studying!

thanks for the reminder, i probably would have never checked this otherwise.

I like how one entry says “Practice Problem 28 (page 117 of print) should be deleted”

It was so bad, its irredeemable!!

which would be good for CFAI to send an email notificatoin everytime they update the errat.

My personal favorite is “Section 4.1.3 (pages 293 to 294 of print) should be replaced with the following text…:”

What, am I supposed to print the “new” pages out and glue them into my book? smh