Hey everyone, good luck on Saturday!

Just a reminder, when the exam gives you three options labelled a, b and c in the question, make sure to look at the answers first before filling out a circle.

I noticed I was getting questions wrong because their choices were labelled in the following way:

a) manager c

b) manager a

c) manager b

Im not sure why they try to trick us that way but watch out!

If anyone has any useful tips/reminders, please feel free to post them on this thread

^This. It’s absolutely ridiculous that the CFAI does that. The exam should be entirely focused on the curriculum. Instead, we have to watch out for their little gimmicks that have nothing to do with the material whatsoever. Thanks CFAI…

I saw that in the mocks and thought they were just being sloppy. I dont’ recall seeing that in any Actual Exam for L1 or L2, but still good to keep in mind on Saturday.

Yeah I have never seen that on an exam. They are just trying to teach you to pay extreme attention to every detail in the exam. Consider it good attention to detail training.

I saw that in this year’s mocks but I don’t remember any shenanigans like that in Level I or II, mocks or the real thing. I’m hoping they don’t do that on the test but am not too worried either way I think I’m much more likely to miss a “most likely/least likely” than something like this.

I think they only do it in the mocks in order to mix up the answer order when they re-use questions from year-to-year.

The mentioned that in the Schweser live classes as well so maybe we’ll see it on the exam as well.